Welcome to DOLNI KOUNICE Castle, the Czech Republic

I am an optimist and hope that we will beat Coronavirus pretty soon thanks to drastic measures imposed by the Czech goverment. I can guarantee that the castle will be waiting for you and so will I. 

From the moment you and your party arrive at Dolni Kounice Castle you can be sure of top quality attention and service. Our team of Wedding Coordinators understand that every couple has a dream to fulfil and therefore offer tailor-made weddings specific to your exact requirements. If you wish, they can take care of all the arrangements leading up to and on the special day. They can manage all the organisational needs, ensuring that you have complete peace of mind and a truly memorable day. 

Make your wedding truly historic by holding it in the 12th century Dolni Kounice castle. Enjoy the castle's unique setting and let us deliver your dream wedding in this beautiful castle.

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Dolni Kounice Castle is perfect for:

Fairytales come to life in castles like Dolni Kounice. This medieval stronghold comes complete with a gatehouse, lofty battlements and courtyards. Going through the main gate to reach your wedding ceremony will be just one of many special moments to cherish from your big day.

Wedding venues:

Knight's Hall in the main palace - capacity 150

Castle Keeper's House in the first courtyard - capacity 80

Upper Floor in a former Granary - capacity 400 

Any place outside the main castle, marquee - capacity unlimited

Types of ceremony

Religious and Civil wedding ceremonies. 


Dolni Kounice Castle, the CZECH REPUBLIC

A 30-minute drive on the highway D2 south from Brno international airport. Brno is the Czech Republic's second city. It is just a 1.5-hour drive from Vienna and 2.5 hours from Prague. There are excellent train and bus connections.

Dolni Kounice Castle is set in the beautiful Moravian countryside with rolling hills and vinyards.


Available in the first courtyard (max 8 cars), other cars can be parked outside the main gate.


We can provide excellent accommodation in the nearby town of Dolni Kounice and in the surrounding area of the castle.


Please contact us.

More information

Find out more about Dolni Kounice Castle.

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