Unique Enhancements

Make your wedding day extra special with one of our unique enhancements, including swordsmen, fighting knights, horse-driven chariots, a string quartet, fireworks, classic cars, falconry, live music with dance and more. Please check the pictures in CASTLE ACTIVITIES. We will be delighted to help to select the perfect activity for your dream wedding. 

Czech wedding traditions

International guests might like to follow some Czech wedding traditions, of course this is optional for you to decide. We are also happy to cater for your own wedding traditions upon agreement. Many old wedding traditions come from pre-Christian times. What is original and funny for us today used to have a very deep meaning and was sometimes taken very seriously in that time. Frequently, rituals guaranteed not only the happiness and a lot of children but also protection from illnesses, starving and even death. There were even rituals against argueing, insufficient love and hatred. Primarily, the rituals were to ward off evil spirits which were the reason for all suffering.

Other traditions had a more symbolical character. They concerned, for example, the wedding night, the beginning of a new chapter in life or the challenges for the couple to stay together in good times as well as in bad. Not all the traditions are good to copy. Some of them can refresh the celebrations, change the atmosphere or simply approximate the old traditions.


At the beginning of a Czech wedding reception, a plate is broken at the feet of the bride and groom and together they sweep up the broken fragments. This tradition has its roots in two superstitions: that broken fragments bring happiness; and by jointly sweeping the fragments up the newlyweds are ensuring that their marriage will be harmonious. 


Traditionally, these small buns are baked a few weeks before the wedding. They are given to relatives, friends and neighbours as an invitation to the wedding reception. The buns should have at least three fillings and are considered to show the culinary art of the housewife.


Newlywed should cut the cake together to show they will share everything in their life equally.


At the wedding reception, the bride and groom are joined by being covered in a large cloth symbolizing unity. They eat a bowl of soup using one spoon to symbolize cooperation. Another tradition, which may be even more significant, is the symbol of a loaf of bread. The bride and groom take the loaf and share it equally. Due to its concise symbolism, this tradition is still widely popular nowadays.  


To have a lot of children, people throw rice after the ceremony. In some places the rice is substituted with confetti, nuts, raisins, and sometimes sweets. Another tradition has the same meaning: during the wedding reception the bride sits a small child on her lap.